ANDE Says: “It’s time to take charge of the Monday Blues”

Start Playing the Game

  Your quest comprises three tasks. On completion, you’ll unlock energy, how you choose to use it is up to you. Now, sit back, relax and start:

Task One: As you take a deep breath in, think of that pesky feeling. Access it as you breathe all the way down to your belly. No judgement. No analysing. It’s just a feeling that’s unsettled your natural creative balance. Hold on to the way it makes you feel, how it’s affecting your mood, and your energy levels.

Task Two: Breathe it out, release it, who needs it anyway. You’re half way there.

Task Three:Now, what feeling replaces it, a feeling that lifts you up, makes you shine, puts you on top of the world. As you take another deep breathe in, inhale this feeling, again all the way to your belly. Hang on to it, let it spread, creating a shield, a force field too powerful to destroy. And finally, breathe it out, energising your way forward.

WELL DONE, you have completed level one. ANDE reckons “YOU ROCK”.


ANDE, POWER UP! is an innovative, engaging game with a twist, he transforms your feelings. By pledging on kickstarter, ANDE can thrive, we can all have some fun, and annihilate those Monday blues.

Replenishing Creative Soul – Notes from South Island Trip

Recently, my mom and I (Meeka) took an inspirational trip to South Island, New Zealand. And what a fantastic journey, it replenished my creative soul in so many ways.

This adventure took me to the home of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies (and I could see why they filmed it here). Like a good adventurer I put on my elven cloak, packed my camera and climbed on the plane to Queenstown, South Island. The next few days were a blur. Although its summer here in New Zealand, the air in the south, where we explored Fyordland and Caitlins area, was so cold, and my fingers froze when I worked the camera. Even though I have been exposed to New Zealand’s beauty, as I stood next to The Remarkables mountain range which stand-in for Middle Earth’s Misty Mountains in The Hobbit, I was struck by the fact that what you see on film does not even come close to reality. Here I felt like a hobbit myself overshadowed by rockfaces, the sunshine and the brightness that made me squint my eyes.

I always fly with my camera and in this stimulating environment there was no shortage of shots to be taken. My brain is flooded with the onslaught of new experiences and out of that well the ideas that start flowing. I scribble down ideas, I get excited again and I get into the flow of creativity.

Some concepts I may never return to. Some I may stumble upon months later in surprise and develop into a concrete projects. Some pop up in my head as I chat with Lili and spark off something even more amazing.

The creative process is always happening whether we are in a studio or far from it, creativity is what drives us always. It is not an off/on switch, however, taking time out from the normal routine can be a catalyst for better creative projects in the future.

Here are 5 glimpses from my travels:

Bird’s Eyeview

I always love how from a plane our world looks totally different. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Houses become little specks and patterns. Mountain faces just creases. In two hours one sees how the land changes from bright greens to snowy blues to rugged browns.

Bidd's Eyeview images from South Island, Auckland

Milford Sound

Apparently it is not a Sound, but a Fjord. Local Kiwis like to be original so to differenciate their region from the Norwegian Fjords they named theirs a Sound. Years later a local official tried to rectify the mistake by calling the region Fiordland and almost succeeded, except that he made a mistake in spelling of the Fjord. It is the wettest place in the world, so I count myself lucky great for taking wonderful shots, but not so great for my poor camera. The highlight was getting up close and personal with a beautiful waterfall.

Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand

Moving boulder – Waipapa Point

On one of the wettest, coldest and gloomiest days (yes, let me remind you all it is summer here, just very south of the equator) I took my favourite photos of the trip. In the dark light the sand on the beach was of peculiar orange colour and the green seaweed covering the rocks looked like a furry carpet. Our mission was to find sealions. We walked the whole beach in search of the creatures and just when we were about to give up, we stumbled upon two boulders that started to move. Mission = success 🙂

Waipapa Point, South Island, New Zealand

One never knows where one will find something interesting. While driving through a little town called Owaka, we stumbled upon a strange sight. The garden of one of the houses looked like tiny strange amusement park. We reversed the car for a closer look and found a Teapotland and a doll museum belonging to a lady by the name of Chrystelle. Yup… she collects teapots and bears and dolls. It does not matter what quality, she just wants a lot of them, hence teapot land and dollyworld. Since Lili has such a fetish for tea, I had to take a shot to show her.

Tiny unexpected gems – Dollyworld and Teapotland


Surprising textures

Lately my photographic obsession is textures. I zoom into the object or point the camera in the direction where the edges are lost and suddenly a different world appears. Without the contours new forms and shapes appear. Here is a lobster shell, mountain range, moss and seaweeds. I’ll let you decide which.

Textures, lobster, seaweed, mountain range, moss

For more images from South Island – see our photo gallery.

Till next adventure…
Meeka 🙂

Ande on Kickstarter – how you can help

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05. Smile as you feel the love

Dominika Marcisz and Lisa Walters are Meekalili, and along with Tim Pringle and Jo Anderes, we are excited to be on KICKSTARTER (a creative crowdsourcing platform) with ANDE, POWER UP! – an innovative, engaging game with a twist, he transforms your feelings.

This festive season with your help, we can get ANDE out there. All we ask is that you either pledge and/or spread the word. Thank you to all of you who have already done this, we love you guys.

Ande: Power Up!

Welcome to Ande’s world, an innovative engaging online game with a twist – it transforms your feelings. We’ve conceptualised and formalised ANDE. By helping fund ANDE, we can produce the game in its simplest, mobile form.

Introducing Meekalili

Introducing Meekalili

Here’s our first gift to you … instead of stressing about crazy New Year’s Resolutions, sit back, enjoy the festive season and then adopt our Manifesto ( instead. It’s available as a desktop wallpaper (click here to download) in multiple colours to suit your mood. ENJOY!


GAMIFICATION through the University of Pennsylvania. Adding this to our belief in the ART OF STORYTELLING, click here at to learn what we did and what we can do for you.


OTHER MEEKALILI PROJECTS ON THE HORIZON . We have been hard at work getting our various projects on the go and out there. These include Max and Chi, an artists collaborative animated tv series; the BEWELLLAB; AFRICA XP, channel imaging for AMM and many more. Watch this space or visit our projects section at if you are keen to hear more or for an opportunity to endorse/invest in them.